SURF took to the community streets, to give people a “Dazzling start to their day”.
The Surf truck travelled through community hotspots dispensing ‘unexpectedgifts from Surf, as well as 90g samples.
During the campaign SURF ran a USSD COMPETITION to drive sales, offering consumers a chance to win 1 of 20 R10 000 cash prizes.
40 stores were selected in the targeted areas. POS was positioned in each store at the start of the campaign.
We also increased the campaign reach via radio.
Listeners got a chance to get a DAZZLING start to their day and win R3000 cash if they phoned
in and correctly identified on the location of the Surf Truck.


Increase brand LOVE within the communities
Drive volume
Drive whiteness and brightness attributes

The Challenge
We needed to penetrate the small communities of outer-laying areas

Create an emotional and memorable engagement with our consumer!


  • 4 Regions
  • POS in 40 stores
  • 8073 competition entries
  • 58 stores activations
  • 127 communities reached
  • 120 000 face to face communications
  • 574 000 heard it on radio
  • 140 000 samples distributed
  • 1.1 million people reached at least once