Client: Closeup

Case Study: 12HR Challenge


To convince LSM A and B urban youth that Closeup is the best toothpaste brand for them.


LSM A and B urban youth. Young independent adults, between: 18-34 years.


The Matriarch team executed a three-tiered campaign across three regions, namely; Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as a digital campaign supported by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Campaign Focus

To create awareness of Closeup toothpaste through a trial that amplifies the brand and its attributes and to encourage our target market to choose Closeup by making it the brand of choice that stands for freshness and social confidence.

University Activations

Students had four chances of winning just by joining us at the Closeup activation. The activities on the day included: giant Twister, a USSD competition line, (which immediately rewarded them with a free call) a free tube of Closeup toothpaste if they gave us their old tube, and an Instagram competition.

In-store Promotions

Consumers had three chances of winning in-store.
Chance 1: Consumers buy Closeup toothpaste and present their till slip to the promoter outside the store.
Chance 2: Consumers entered the USSD competition to stand a chance to be in the final of the 12-hour Challenge.
Chance 3: By entering the USSD, they also received a free 1-minute call to a friend.

The 12 Hour Challenge

7 People, 1 car, 12-hours – Closer than close to win a Polo Vivo.

The Results

  • 15 Universities
  • 3 Regions
  • 18 800 Students Reached
  • 100 Stores
  • 300 Activations
  • 13 639 Sales
  • 1.3 Million Impressions on Twitter
  • 146 New Followers on Instagram