Client: NIVEA

Case Study: Pay With Care


To encourage loyalty and change users’ minds from: ‘liking NIVEA’ to ‘loving NIVEA’ – an emotional connection was established, with focus on the emerging middle-class. For this to be executed with impact, the overarching campaign: Care is Beautiful was chosen.

NIVEA has become synonymous with care, not only caring for your skin, but also caring for the wellbeing of others. Pay with Care was adapted as an activation concept; inspired by care in South Africa, recognising, reflecting and paying tribute to the spirit of Ubuntu – a powerful belief of South African culture.

Key Objectives

  • Bring Care is Beautiful to life as an impactful activation.
  • Change users’ perception.

Overview of Campaign

For the NIVEA Pay with Care campaign; physical and online NIVEA stores were created. Instead of spending money at these stores, payment was made with a simple promise of care. This idea saw NIVEA take marketing of skincare products to a whole new level in South Africa.

From June to August the NIVEA Care Bus travelled 2 600 kilometres, reaching-out to its consumers in an effort to reward people for their acts of care. Distributing 109 000 free NIVEA products, and in return receiving 55 000 ‘care promises’ back from their users.
The NIVEA travelling ‘Care Bus’ (a mobile NIVEA shop), reached consumers in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Mpumalanga from June to August. The Care Bus was fitted with twenty ipads, where users made their ‘care promise’ via their personal Facebook page. Upon making their promise, they were rewarded with a free NIVEA product.

The Results

  • 53 Activation Days
  • 55 000 Care Promises