About Us

Matriarch is a South African based experiential company, formally known as Hotstuff Marketing, that has for the last 20 years provided a wide-range of experiential services to the South African marketing industry.
Based in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, Matriarch has forged its reputation on a platform of excellence, that has translated into positive and measurable growth both for itself and for its clients.

Over the years the company provided ground-breaking solutions to South Africa’s leading brands, with no compromise on expertise, quality, service and delivery. In 2016 the company relaunched as Matriarch, and while still encompassing its core business model, it underwent a significant change with a wide range of services on offer to embrace the world-wide move into the digital and experiential world.


We are Experiential.
Our purpose is simple.
We bring BRANDS and PEOPLE together.

We create consumer experiences across all channels and touchpoints and transform them into meaningful, positive and measurable business growth.

We learn & grow with every campaign year after year. Proving there is no
substitute for experience. And we seriously LOVE what we do!


Our values are reflected every day in our work…
We are a company that is committed to creating innovative, experiential solutions for clients. Solutions that work.

Our passion for this work is our purpose. We are brave, respected, honest, real, ideas driven, and committed. We push the boundaries and challenge the rules. And we acknowledge the past in order to define the future.


Because we believe EXPERIENCES are the most powerful tool in the marketers’ toolbox.

Matriarch connects the dots and makes magic.