Corporate Social Responsibility or Social Investment have been two terms bandied about in board rooms for a few decades now. Given South Africa’s massive social challenges this is understandable.

Foundations have been set up and have distributed billions of rands supporting educational, social, health, environmental, small business development and job creation initiatives.

To date however companies have not leveraged these substantial investments to positively enhance their reputation and brands. The belief seems to be that doing good and being a good corporate citizen is not something that should generate a return.

This is an antiquated approach, it is common cause that positive sentiment drives economies and markets thereby creating much needed jobs and opportunities for South Africans. The media and content influences sentiment and consumer mindset, but headlines are consistently dominated by negative stories which have the opposite effect.

At Matriarch South Africa’s leading multi-experience marketing agency, we believe if you do something good you have a responsibility to showcase and tell people about it. This not only enhances brand equity and goodwill but also has the multiplier effect of inspiring and challenging others to do the same. The same goes for Cause-related Marketing, which is something very close to our hearts here at Matriarch.

Positivity feeds positivity and good news drives sentiment, creating jobs and stimulating growth.

CSI, as well as Cause-related Marketing campaigns, are an opportunity for companies to include their socio responsible attitude and actions in brand and product communication. Broad stakeholder value replaces narrow shareholder interest.

A responsible attitude towards society and the environment makes business: more competitive; more resistant to economic slides and more likely to attract consumers, investors and the best employees.

This is why we have a dedicated division that focusses on CSI & Cause-related Marketing,by strategically identifying and creating, relevant meaningful initiatives that not only do good but build brand equity and even drive sales.

We believe that credible brand communication results from brand promises being carried out and reflected in reality. 

Our client Woolworths has done this successfully over the years through their educational programs and My School initiative.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic there has never been a better time to create meaningful platforms and campaigns that assist those in need whilst getting your customers involved and bringing them closer to your brand.

Action speaks louder than words so give us a call and let’s make things better together.

Author: Billy Lascaris