From ad-blockers to the ever-present and constantly tapped ‘skip ad’ button, consumers have made it clear that traditional online advertising just doesn’t cut it. Everywhere you go, ads are shouting at you from every corner, and social scientists have shown that consumers actively ignore these predictable and impersonal attempts at connecting with consumers.

So how can businesses drive better connections with consumers? The answer is simple: experiential marketing that consumers actually want to engage with.

Global trends are showing the way – and the results speak for themselves

Various surveys conducted over the last few years have shown a massive uptick in experiential marketing investment, with most of the world’s brands – as much as 80% – seeing the value in creating meaningful connections1. This is backed up by further studies showing impressive effectivity: nearly 80% of experiential marketing campaigns see a 3:1 return on investment, with just over 15% showing an incredible 20:1 ROI or even more2!

The key to growth: Meaningful connections

As most advertising experts know, consumer behaviour is being driven more and more by the connection they feel with the brand in question. Not only do effective experiences create positive, long-lasting associations with your brand, they forge a deeper connection with the consumer than a poster or banner ad ever could.

Live events and engaging activations also give you an unrivalled opportunity to showcase your product, forging a better understanding amongst your target audience. And when a consumer understands your product and trusts your brand, they are that much more likely to become loyal customers.

Harnessing technology for exponential growth

What do people do when they see something awesome? They whip out their phones and start creating content. Almost all attendees at live events share content to their own social media pages, often tagging the brand, and promotional incentives can further drive this free and effective digital ‘word-of-mouth’ communication. This feeds into your brand’s content, allowing you to earn credible media attention with just 1 event.

Companies that know how to harness this free content creation have an unrivalled opportunity to access authentic and meaningful connections that go beyond the attendees of your event.

Experiential marketing grabs attention

As mentioned above, there is a torrent of info and advertising assaulting today’s consumer wherever they go, and it can be hard to rise above the noise. Experiential marketing does just that, in a fun, engaging and memorable way that will stick in the consumer’s mind for many months or even years to come.

Get in touch with us today for 360° experiential marketing that transforms and secures the connection your brand has with its consumers, for real and measurable growth.

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