In Summer 2016, Liqui-Fruit launched their new Liqui-Fruit Sparkling range.
Our objective was to encourage consumers to switch to Liqui-Fruit Sparkling,
by creating awareness and driving trial of the new product.


Working with our partnering agency, 500 influencers were selected, who each received a personalised delivery of Liqui-Fruit Sparkling. The coolest, most networked influencers were selected as part of the campaign, with Matriarch running a December “Liqui-Fruit Sparkling hotline” for complimentary Liqui-Fruit deliveries for their Summer events. Targeted influencers included celebs, tweeters, bloggers, stylists, fashionistas, Make-up artists, foodies & creatives.

Our national Liqui-Fruit Sparkling teams distributed ice-cold Liqui-Fruit Sparkling to consumers at various events, varsities, restaurants, shishanyamas, beaches, dams, coffee shops & other hot spots throughout SA.


  • 420 000 Liqui-Fruit samples distributed
  • 2,5mil Twitter Reach
  • 4,8mil Twitter Impressions
  • 351 200 Instagram Reach
  • 494 000 Instagram Impressions