The power in a movement is that it has the ability to evoke emotion and inspire change, giving people hope. During the pandemic, hope was in short
supply and the Moir’s Mmm Movement set out to bring a little more hope and light to the communities they serve!




During a time of uncertainty and limited physical connection, Moirs saw an opportunity to bring communities together. Baking is often seen an activity of leisure, when for some, it is their only means of generating an income.

The beauty of baking is, that no matter how small the baked good or the motivation for baking is, it can make a difference and add a little joy. Our approach was to identify community bakers and heroes through public nomination and reward these individuals for the positive impact they make within their communities.

Our selected bakers participated in the first ever Moirs Virtual Masterclass, proving that the brand was able to adapt, and serve the community in ways that made a difference over this time.


  • 50 Entries
  • Community Baker Winners
  • 20 Community Hero Winners
  • 154 Teachers thanked for their contribution to society.
  • Digital reach – 1.4 million
  • 3.2 million impressions
  • 12 and a half thousand post engagements.