2020 was an unprecedented year, with many challenges that called on the eventing industry to adapt or become obsolete. The impact on the White Star’s annual SA Biggest Breakfast event was enormous. The challenge? To inspire a nation in lockdown to celebrate Breakfast and bring South Africa together even when we had to be apart!


For the first time ever, the public was invited in to follow the journey from the start, all the way through to the final event via online platforms. This allowed for the public to interact and to be a part of this amazing initiative. With the final event taking place in Alert Level 1, the coronation ceremony was hosted as a live event. This was closed to the public, with only a select number of finalists family, media and sponsors attending the red carpet event.


  • 1300 Entires
  • 1.2 million Print Reach
  • 750 000 Radio Reach
  • 700 000 TV Reach
  • 19 mil Digital Impressions