2020 posed a unique set of challenges for brands in the retail space. Face-to-face engagement and human touch became taboo. Our aim was to get
the consumers to sample the new SASKO LOW GI loaves educating them that a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, can include the right bread. Our hit
squads handed over loaves to consumers to sample at home, along with an educational flyer.


The aim was:
Educate consumers on the health benefits of the LOW GI RANGE
Increase brand awareness
Drive Sales
Switch opposition users
Distribute 60 000 loaves of bread



A Hit Squad of 6 SASKO Brand Ambassadors visited areas with high foot traffic. Hit squads are fast, effective, and extremely mobile. Our focus was on reaching consumers at Gyms, Promenades and Parks.


  • 60 000 Loaves of Bread Distributed
  • 5 Cities – Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, East London.
  • 20 Days
  • 161 Venues visited.
  • Face to Face Reach – 75 000